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Masochistic Perfectionism

an intentionally sleep deprived, caffeine infused, OCD experience

19 June
I am scared; I am trusting in a Soveriegn Lord; I am lost wandering in the dark clinging only to the arm of my Savior; I am nothing on my own; I am redeemed. I am silly somedays; I am serious the next. I want to change the world on Mondays; I am complacent on Tuesday; Wednesday, I am ready to conquer the mountain; Thursday, I am afraid of heights; I am ill on Friday and well on Saturday. I am a scared little girl clinging to her Father's hand; I am a brave young woman entering the world. I am a solider on the front lines of a battle; I am a mother with no children to care for; I am a dancer with three partners in one; I am an actress on a stage with no script. I am an intellectual; I am a dunce. I am a teacher with no students; I am a student with too many teachers. I am an individual in a crowd of individuals, conforming to my own idenity. I am who I am, but I want to be someone else. I am the host of my own pity party; I am strong and confident. I am stubborn; I am indecisive. I am political; I am apathetic. Truely, I am all these things, and more. I could say I am what I am, but I am more than what I am, for is not the whole greater than the sum of it's (her) parts?

Oh, you wanted factual stuff?

Suffice it to say I studied linguistics in undergrad ending may 2004 and library science in graduate school ending august 2007. I work as a professional Children's Librarian (which means I have a Masters in Library Science).

Personal Life Philosophy: You can never have too many friends or shoes.
Feel free to add me because I am always on the lookout for a new friend. I friend-lock occasionally. I used to update daily, now it is more like weekly or so. It comes and goes in fits and spurts.

I bet you never knew