Year of Photos - Days 104 through 110

I'm over a month behind, so I'm trying to catch up. Here is Days 104 through 110, mid April, the beginning of our beautiful Spring weather and the melting of the snow here in Anchorage.

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I had to work Saturday (as always), and since Monday is my normal day off, I get today off for Memorial Day weekend. It has been a nice weekend. A fun hike, good relaxation, a roommate's birthday, I made a moderately successful ice cream cake, and a lovely chance to just chill.
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Year of Photos: Days 91 to 95

Today was so beautiful, sixty-five degrees. One of the first really beautiful days, most of this week has been increasingly beautiful. I happily ran a library errand today if only to spend an extra twenty minutes in the sunshine driving around the city. People were walking in the park, everyone seemed to be just soaking in the sunshine. It's so light, the sun is setting at 11:00pm and it's only April! With the warmth finally returning, I'm ready to see some greenery.

And some pictures, mostly of the interior of the library, because it was so cold and I was so miserable and extremely busy, I didn't do a lot but work.

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That's it for now. I'm stopping here after just a few pictures because the next group is from my Kansas trip. Happy Spring!
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Year of Photos - Day 81 through 90

So I messed up, I posted these on flickr but not here. We'll do pictures first and random updates of information later.

The photos were all taken when we still had a ton of snow. The last week or so Spring has finally really arrived, beautiful weather, and melting/melted snow. I've got photos of it. I'm going to try to update and get all caught up this week. So watch back lots of time for photos.
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It's funny to see these snow photos since I've managed to entirely convince myself this is spring time. Of course just a few days ago was a year anniversary of the blizzard that dumped 18 inches of snow on us. Work is good as always. Busy. We just wrapped spring storytime session and are finishing up summer planning. Should be a great summer.
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Year of Photos - Hawaii Edition

Finally, finally I'm posting photos from Hawaii. I put up an album of facebook that has more/different photos as well. Here we go, with minimal descriptions because I'm tired.

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On Monday I should hopefully be heading back to KC if our volcano doesn't act up. It's been rather exciting, but that is a story (with pictures) for another day.
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Year of Photos - Days 55 to 61

I know I haven't posted any photos or anything in almost a month. You should follow facebook, I'm there and read that daily now. I've traveled a lot (Hawaii for fun and Kodiak for the Alaska Library Association Conference), but more about those later.

Yes, right now we have a volcano erupting. Mt. Redoubt (pronounced RE-doubt) has erupted six times as of this writing (I believe). None of the ash fall has hit Anchorage yet. However with current wind conditions if it erupts before about 4pm tomorrow (Anchorage time, Wednesday) than we will have probably ash fall in Anchorage. What does that mean? Ash is very hard to breathe, bad on roofs (very heavy) and bad on vehicles. It's especially bad on anything with an air system, a filter, or electronics. At work we have to bag each computer (after turning off and unplugging them) in plastic each night, and since we have a lot of public computers, that is a lot of computers in general. We'd been doing this for weeks since the threat was first announced and they only called it off about a week before Mt. Redoubt actually blew. A watched volcano must be like a watched pot, won't go off when we're ready for it. Since we had weeks of warning, I (we) have spare air filters for car and house, and dust masks for me personally. I'm also now covering my television and laptop at night and when I'm gone during the day to protect them. I will let you know if any thing exciting happens. While we don't know officially know that the library closes in event of an ash fall (and we'd get a couple hours warning), I do know that we'd have to turn off all electronics and shut off the buildings ventilation system. So with no air circulating and no electronics, I'm thinking it would make sense for the library to be shut down. Just hoping. I'd like to take a "volcano day".

And now here are some photos, including one from Running of the Reindeer.
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I'll try to get Hawaii photos posted next, probably just one for the day. Later on I'll share more photos from the rest of Hawaii, more from the Running of the Reindeer, so on and so forth.
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Year of Photos, Days 49 to 54

Sometimes I plan what I'm going to take a picture of, and sometimes it's all chance and happenstance. Click the link to see what I found this week.

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I think the medication is working (cross your fingers) as I'm starting to get better. I typed this up quickly, so there are probably many mistakes, I'll edit later.
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Year of Photos - Days 36 to 48

I got an extra day off this week due to President's Day. Of course since President's Day is on Monday which is my normal day off, I got today (Tuesday) off. It was so nice, I really don't want to go back tomorrow. So pretty photos, and less than pretty photos, and totally mediocre photos posted for your amusement.

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Sleep now if I'm going to make it back to work. I spent most of today trying to do my taxes. I made considerable progress.